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nanny's last days

it's really hard to get a good nanny these days. for the last four months, i have kept my patience with dipdip's yaya . issue no. 1. when we got her to start working the day after we interviewed her, she already asked if she could get an advance on her salary. she said she was indebted to her previous employer and wanted to pay her back. since it's really hard to get a yaya and she seems to give a pretty good impression that she's probably the best nanny we could ever have, we gave her an advance. i thought this would just be a one-time thing but she kept asking for an advance even when we gave her her salary every 15th and 30th of the month. when i finally received a retrenchment notice from my employer, i told her we can only promise her to allocate for her salary from our funds and that she shouldn't expect that we can grant her any advance on her salary. problem solved. issue no. 2. when i had her interviewed, i told her that i terminated my previous nanny

boredom and me

What do dreams really mean? Why do I dream of people and old acquaintances that I haven't met in a long time? Why do they appear in my slumber when I'm not even thinking of them? Why do dreams take me back to my younger days? Back. Way, way back. Back in my native land, San Carlos City, Negros Occidental. Maybe my homeland misses me. Or is it the other way around? I can't seem to figure out why sometimes my dream of a particular person or persons can run for days, like sequels to a tv series. Maybe they don't really mean anything. Maybe they do. But I can't stay around thinking about it. Reality is here. Maybe I'm just plain tired. I can't write my thoughts any further. I'm going to bed now. And dream again. Of people and old acquaintances I haven't met in a long time. And still wonder why I do. And write about it. Get sleepy. And dream again. Wake up and wonder. And... yeah, I get you. This whole dream thing is going nowhere.

my postpartum body

"Feeling fat last nine months but the joy of becoming a mom lasts forever." - Nikki Dalton This is so not true! The nine months thing. At least not for me. I thought after I give birth, I will already lose all of that maternity weight but I was wrong. It's been four months+ after the C-section but I'm still not back in my old clothes. Sometimes it would anger my husband because it takes me longer to get dressed. Why? Because I don't like the woman I see in the mirror. I hated everything she wears. Nothing seems to look good on her. The mirror is no longer my friend. I hated looking at it. My postpartum body (especially my awful tummy) is just so depressing! Well, I tried not to be depressed. Mind over matter still works. Everytime I feel sad about it, I think about my trophy -- my baby! But it doesn't mean that I wouldn't try losing weight or getting back in shape. It just helps in conditioning my mind to be more PATIENT. Sometimes I even overeat especi

and so it's goodbye

.... Consequent to the foregoing, we wish to inform you that we shall be constrained to retrench you effective August 31, 2009. Nonetheless, you shall receive all corresponding benefits due to you. Should we be notified of changes in the circumstances necessitating a resumption of the work force, we shall give you preferential priority...... I promised myself not to be overly dramatic. I knew it was coming. My retrenchment. Was it something I expected? Something I looked forward to? Or something I didn't want to happen? I won't divulge my answer to these questions. All I know is that my time has come. I'll be leaving the company in less than a month from now. For five long years, this company has honed me to become the best that I can be. Now it's time to spread my wings and fly. What's in store for me outside? I remember my mom used to tell me things that she learned from the bible. Things which helped me hold on to my faith in God. Now even though mom is no longe

i'm still here

just wanted to let everyone know that i'm still here. you might have not noticed it but i've been gone for almost a month. been so busy. work, motherhood, health issues, laziness, what have you. now, i'm starting to pick up! i'm back with a lot of stories to tell. happy and sad. hopefully, i get to write about these on my subsequent updates. first off, i'd like to thank the Designer's Chic for giving a new look to my blog. i never had the time to sit down and learn how to change layouts or design for a blog. i really wanted to have a 3-column layout for my blog. i wanted to learn how it's done but i just didn't have the time YET. thanks to Ivy for the overhaul. this would not have been possible too if it weren't for Jenneth . thanks net for the sponsorship. right now, i'm just warming up a little bit. see you on my next update. if anyone is still reading me, please let me know. comment to this post, message me privately or send me an e-mail.