welcoming dipdip to the christian world

JULY 5, 2009. Sunday. I've put off seeing my doctor personally because we've already scheduled Dipdip's baptismal. I thought I would miss Dipdip's baptism that day because of vaginal bleeding but doctor's prescribed medicine via SMS did a great job of regulating the bleeding. I would definitely see her this weekend.

So there. At first, we were planning to save more money so we could invite all of our relatives and friends but then we realized that Dipdip's getting bigger and she's still not getting that sacrament. Stephen's parents suggested that we just hold a simple celebration together with the godparents. And so we finally made it happen. Our apologies to the rest of our family and friends who couldn't be there with us. We just made a short list of attendees. We will just make up for it soon. Maybe on her first birthday. Or debut! Who knows. LOL.

Welcome to the Christian world, Diane Pauline!


  1. Great shot of the family and friends, Meretrisha! Welcome to the newest and littlest Christian, Dipx2!

    What an exciting day for your little angel! I'm glad you were able to hold a ceremony for her too.

    Good to see you're up and about too. Just make sure you see the doctor soon. Don't put it off, okay? ;)

  2. Welcome to the Christian world, Dip2x. Dali ra kaau nidako si bb oi.

  3. thank you guys.. sorry i've been gone too long. i know you understand. mwah


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