vaginal bleeding and birth control pills

i'm here to write about what happened to me last week. it was a scary, bloody week. abnormal vaginal bleeding. i knew there was really something wrong with me. it wasn't my normal menstruation. the culprit? the birth control pills. i had to stop taking it. it was supposed to be my 21st day of taking the pop pills but i had an unpleasant experience while taking them. i may not have a great skin to start with but it got worse with the BC pills. not only that, i also noticed that i had blurry vision. the scariest part was last week when i was bleeding so much. now i'm taking medicines to regulate or stop the bleeding. thanks to my ob gyne who is only an SMS away. what a terrible ordeal!


  1. Oh my GOD---Meretrisha! That's a scary and unfortunate thing to happen with you, esp. that it's your first time with the BC pills. I agree: stop it immediately and see a doctor. You might want to have another exam to see if everything is okay. The extreme loss of blood probably sapped you of your energy, so you'll have to make up for that too.

    Right now, lay off the birth control method until you see a doctor. Eat lots of veggies and meat to get some protein and iron back into your blood. Goodness gracious!

    What a scare! I hope you're doing okay and resting. Don't go back to work until you recover too.

  2. that's one of the many reasons why BC pills don't really appeal to me, jo! i'm scared of the possible side effects. they say some will make you fat (nah tambok na raba ko daan), make you irritable, and all those not so good things when you take pills. i hope you're feeling better now though.

  3. that's a bloody scary jo. you don't really fit that BC pills. i hope you'll be fine soon. pakals maayo to recover your health.

  4. thank you guys. my bleeding was put to a halt 3 days after i took some medicines. i'm seeing ob gyne on sunday. hay, i guess i'm not made for BC pills and vice versa


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