you'll never know how things turn up...

last week was kind of hectic. or stressful if i may say. dipdip's nanny had sore eyes and i was torn between sending the nanny home and taking over. it would mean being absent from work for days which is not a good option considering that work is expecting that motherhood will not be in conflict with my being an employee. fortunately, problem got solved when my in-laws were kind enough to take care of dipdip for a few days while her nanny tries to recover from conjunctivitis. and so we sent dipdip to stephen's parents. we had to make that sacrifice so that the infection would not be passed on to dipdip. dipdip's now home though. nanny has already recovered. whewww... well, it only took 3 days of maxitrol and she's off the hook. by the way, this is not a paid advertisement and it's really best to get a prescription for sore eyes.


  1. OMG...please tell Dipx2's yaya to make sure she washes her hands all the time. Wash everything down that she touches just to make sure none of that stuff is lingering at the house. Pink eye is such a nasty thing to get & to pass on to babies.

    Good thing none of you caught it!

    Oh, & happy father's day to your hubby!!!

  2. thanks bchai. we celebrated father's day at my in-laws' place. stephen sends his belated happy father's day to your J as well


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