re-thinking our kitchen sink

Living in a low-cost housing has its advantages and disadvantages. The most obvious advantages are: low amortization and low tax rate. However, in our case, we have to live up to the quality and kind of materials that the contractor has provided to that housing. Naturally, because it's low-cost housing, we can't expect that the materials are of superb quality. Personally, I didn't quite like how our kitchen area is located but what with the limited space, we have to go with however it was constructed. All that's pretty much easier to do is to make some improvements to it. We just have to save up for it. Among other things, we are planning to invest on a sink that's made of stainless steel. It's only been two years since we have moved to the house but our sink pretty much needed to be replaced already. It's not stainless, so the rust forming around it is not a beautiful sight. I dream of getting one of those beautifully designed stainless steel kitchen sinks that are available in the market today. With a stainless steel kitchen sink, we don't have to worry about rust that would eat up the whole sink. Washing the dishes would then become a happy and pleasurable experience.

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