on a lighter note...

dipdip and dad's hand

Dipdip is now three months old! Wowww, look at how time flies. She used to be too small and fragile to hold, now she's grown taller and bigger each time. Thankfully, she's safe from sore eyes. Before she even turned 3 months, she's already squealing and giggling, and makes a lot of noises as if trying to speak out. I'm one happy and amused mother.

Dipdip's usually in a happy mood but I guess, in this picture, this is not one of those usual times. And oh, Sorry, I haven't lost that much weight yet :)

More updates soon. I've written thrice in a row already and it's almost twelve midnight, Cinderella would be mad if I would also leave my glass slipper behind. LOL.

Tomorrow, I'd definitely go blog hopping. Promise.


  1. LOL...Meretrisha, dear, you could blog 100x on Dipx2 and I would definitely read ALL of them. ;)

    And...weight? WHAT weight? You're TINY. Sheesh. ;)

    Great shots too! Love it!

  2. hehe thanks bchai, im flattened er flattered. you're really a great friend. mwah :)

  3. hala mohagwa na jud si dipdip. makalingaw na jud Jo.


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