my thoughts on may 31st

Yesterday we went over to Compostela to celebrate my late mom's birthday. We, minus my dad and brothers who are abroad, attended mass and got together for dinner. I don't know but I just felt bad that dad didn't try to make it to the celebration in memory of mom. He just chose to stay in Medellin because he said he's got work on Monday (that's today). Even though he also scheduled and attended mass in Medellin church for mom, I expected him to go out of his way to make it to Compostela. I thought maybe he's just not comfortable being around his in-laws because maybe (just maybe) he'd feel awkward because the in-laws are somewhat aware that he's dating someone. And maybe he wants to avoid any discussion with them about it. I know that he's already free to date (and I don't have any right to go against his decision or his happiness) when he became a widower but I don't know, maybe it just takes a lot of getting used to. Or perhaps I expected too much about love. I can't go on writing my thoughts. I'd better stop now. I just want to save this space in loving memory of my mom. Happy birthday mommy!


  1. That's neat, I bet it helps to keep your mother's memory alive. As for your dad, I guess it would be kind of uncomfortable to be with the inlaws if he was dating. Sticky situation, I hope everything ends well!

  2. Happy Birthday, Mrs. Diana! I'm glad you were able to have a nice, quiet, and joyful celebration in honor of your mom. I agree with Brittany, that's a great way of remembering your mom.

    Hmmm...I don't know what to say about your dad. I guess what matters most is that he's happy and healthy. Whoever he dates better keep him that way too. ;)

  3. thanks brittany. maybe i just need some time to get used to or accept the fact that someday dad would re-marry. and thanks bchai. i hope i also think like you. :)

  4. kalami sa cake. but it reminds of me of my mother too. hayyy, wish they are still here, so they'll see our babies. ;)

  5. exactly shanix. that's the sad part of it. hayy, i didn't mean to make you feel sad.


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