father's day 2009

i know i shouldn't miss a post about father's day. i have planned to write a wonderful article about my husband in celebration of this special day but like i mentioned in my previous post, we were so caught up with worries about little pauline and the possibility of her getting the sore eyes from her nanny and so we had to make immediate plan of action and decided to take dipdip to my inlaws.

honestly, parenting would be a difficult task without him. just like motherhood, fatherhood is also a full-time job. and it does not only take a day to appreciate what a wonderful father he is to our daughter.

i'm sure hubby would be sneaking in to this blog when he's not busy. i'd like to dedicate this post for all the times that he would put off buying something new for himself just so we could prioritize our daughter's needs; for all those nights of staying awake for our daughter; for putting off getting a haircut just so we could be home the earliest possible time for our daughter; and for being like a father to me in my childish times. i could flood this post with a lot of reasons why. i'll always be forever grateful to God for sending me such a wonderful husband.

of course, i didn't forget our fathers. i greeted my father-in-law and my dad. we are grateful for being wonderful parents to us and our siblings.

ultimately, we are grateful to God our Father for the many blessings that have come our way.

to all great fathers out there, husbands and fathers of my friends, we salute you! happy father's day...


  1. A beautiful post for your hubby and to all the poppas out there!

    Which reminds me to blog about Jordan's. lol...

  2. yeah, i've read about Jordan's. there's so much love. great post!

  3. extend my greetings to stephenavoski jo. buotan nga papa siya. suerte ka. ;)


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