dipdip's progress report

At 2 months+, dipdip has found a new habit of feeding on her fist. She’s like eating fried chicken. She started to do that from the time that she no longer wore any mittens. I don’t know if all babies do this at a certain stage but it’s a habit that I don’t want to tolerate. I know that it wouldn’t be long until she would find thumb sucking even more enjoyable than her fist. I sure hope though she’d skip this stage.


  1. LOL...wrist sucking? I think that's normal---I've seen babies suck the heck out of other parts of their bodies. Rome seems to favor his toes. I think she'll be fine sucking her thumbs or wrists. They say that it's a calming instinct that babies learn to do.

    Heh heh...just don't pull her hand away or she'll probably give you a nasty look!

    ...and she's quite a cutie with them big pretty eyes!

  2. let her do that Jo and later she will prefer her fingers to suck rather than the pacifier. she does like la petite and with this she doesn't need pacifier as well.

  3. thanks bchai and shanix. i'll take your advice and will make sure her hands are always clean. btw, she's still not using pacifier. they say it's not good to use pacifiers as it could pose dental and speech problems. what's ur take on this?

  4. Hmmm...I was a paci-sucker from hell as a baby. My teeth came out okay. I mean, I didn't have any real problems with them growing up. As for speech? lol...I turned out okay in that area as well.

    Rome is a paci sucker too, but he doesn't depend on it. We just give it to him to calm him down until the milk gets to him.


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