bring on the champagne

Bring on the champagne! Yes, there's a reason to celebrate. My BP has returned to normal. I now consistently have a BP of 120/80. So I guess it's goodbye to hypertension, huh! I hope it's for keeps. I'm staying on my diet which is mostly veggies (although sometimes I'm tempted to eat meat dishes LOL). And I intend to keep monitoring my blood pressure from this time on. Also, I'd like to share part of the rituals I made for keeping my BP down. Lemongrass! Yes, we grow lemongrass in our little garden. It's called "tanglad" in our dialect. I drink the water from the boiled lemongrass. I think it has really helped my BP go down and return to normal. Incidentally, with my BP going normal, I finally got a clearance to drink birth control pills. So now, IUD will be my second option, in case my body can't tolerate BC pills. This would be my first time to drink birth control pills. I was hesitant to take them because of the possible side effects but I guess I had no choice. I will leave it up to my ob gyne. I was also told that I will have to undergo Pap Smear every year. I guess that's already required for a lot of women my age, married or not.

I know alcohol is bad for me. So fyi, I didn't drink. :)


  1. congrats mare sa imong low/ave. BP! go go go na ta sa pills. oist, in fairness lami kay na ang tanglad subak sa utan.

  2. Yay! That's awesome news about your BP. I should've mentioned that most hormones (pregnancy) take about 3 mos. to get back to normal, so I'm surprised your doctor didn't tell you that. Just make sure you follow your healthy eating habits and you'll be good to go.

    BP pills are fine to take. Just remember to take them each day or Dipx2 will have a little brother or sister! lol. :)

  3. thank you, thank you, BOW! hehe

    shan: yeah, i'm into "utan" already, i'm health conscious, as if!

    bchai: tsk tsk, my doctor missed to tell me that piece of information. hehe thanks for reminding me. i'll pop my second pill when i get home


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