turning two months today

"There is only one pretty child in the world, and every mother has it." - Chinese Proverb

wohooooo... what's up? dipdip is now two months old. wow, that was fast. it still feels like yesterday when i gave birth but when i look at my daughter, my golly, i can't believe that the child i'm seeing before my very eyes came from me! a product of love. she's grown bigger each day and Lord knows how thankful i am for giving me this wonderful gift. she will become my new inspiration. i will give all my best to be the kind of mom that she deserves.


  1. Oh my goodness---look at how she's grown! Dipx2 is just a growing little angel, isn't she? Everyone says they grow so fast, and you know---it's true! It looks like you and your little princess are having a wonderful time bonding together. It's so sweet!

    What a pretty girl---look at those eyes! ;)

  2. wow daku na kaau si bb dip2x dah..inig uli nako diha sus dako na jud na samot, hehehe. im glad u enjoy being a mom...


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