a mother's day and a baby shower

I just had to write about the gifts I received on the day of Mother's Day. Came right on time. They're like Mother's Day gifts and a baby shower. Oh, daddy pippen had one too. They're gifts from Jenneth. Thanks a lot, Tita Jenneth.

Thank you, Lord. And Jenn Lord. :)

Belated Happy Mother's Day, everyone. Actually, as Bchai puts it, everyday is Mother's Day. So, happy mother's day to us! Cheers!


  1. Awwww! Look at all those COOL presents! Dipx2 is going to be one spoiled little lady, I bet. *wink wink nudge nudge*

    That's okay, she and her momma deserve to be spoiled! ;)

  2. hehehe! katawa man ko sa thank you lord and jenn lord na linya oi, amew man ka jo. :)

    anyway, you're welcome! angayan kaau si daddy tefen nagkarga ni bb dip2x oi.

  3. hi bchai! thanks. indeed, we're two spoiled ladies. LOL.. thanks for the nice message you sent me via e-mail..

    hi net, hehe you've got one great surname right there.. you are likely to get everyone down on their knees.. :) thanks again


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