chasing time

i have a pretty good explanation for my long absence in this blogging world. yes, i was again caught up with a lot of things. time management. or the lack of it. it seems like i've been doing a lot of "catching up" lately. i honestly needed a secretary to help me with all my schedules. i guess i'm no longer good with math. i simply cannot do the simple rule of division. somebody please tell me how to divide my time!

to start with, i'm already back at work. oh well, at first i didn't quite like the idea of having to go back to work that soon. what with my baby still needing my time and attention. in fact, an extension of time would have done me a favor, healthwise, but i realized i needed to go back to work so i can also help my husband with all the family expenses. i couldn't believe an infant formula can only last for a week or two. now if only i can store a lot of breast milk for my baby while i am not around. too bad, i don't have that much of a supply. lately, i get to breastfeed her on weekdays during nighttime only. oh my gas! the diapers are also eating up a lot of our budget too! all these milk and diaper expenses could eventually send us to bankruptcy if i didn't agree to go back to work.

even with a nanny to take care of our baby, it seems like we're always in a rush. add to that, hubby is still trying to do better at work. it means having to extend his stay in the office beyond his working hours most of the time and me having to wait on him because we're saving up on gas. i mean on fares (we're riding a motorcycle to get to work and back home). this also means having less time with the baby and baby spending more time with her nanny. oh my! although the baby gets to sleep with us during nighttime, i'm getting worried about the possibility for dip2x to feel more for her nanny than she would for her mom or her dad. this is why we're sending her nanny on two days off so we can spend full-time with dip2x on saturdays and sundays.

as for my postpartum hypertension, im no longer feeling any of its symptoms. i've thrown it all away. down the drain. i'm too busy and happy to even worry about it.


  1. I know what you mean on expenses---babies tend to burn a whole in your wallet! Try to find coupons for those diapers and milk formulas and see if you can buy in bulk, so they last longer. Every cent counts!

    Don't worry about time. Just make sure you spend enough with your little dipx2 and make sure you rest too. Don't overwork yourself, dear! ;)

    Glad to hear you and the family are doing well also!

  2. thanks dear. regards to the whole family


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