BP update

it's been awhile since i've last monitored my blood pressure. i felt like everything's going back to normal. or so i thought. when i went back to my ob gyne last sunday for a post-natal checkup, i had a BP reading of 130/90. i used to be 110/70 prior to pregnancy. doctor said that i might be hypertensive already. chronic hypertension, that is. she will refer me to an internist when my BP wouldn't go down below 130/90 after june 6th. i think that's already past the 6-week recovery period from c-section. she said that 130/90 BP is a boundary between normal and hypertensive and with that, i need to closely monitor my BP. nowadays, i am told, a systolic of 90 and above needs aggressive treatment because of a high incidence of stroke in patients ages 30 and above. whew, that's the scary part. i guess i would need to closely monitor my BP again, and eat healthy foods. *sigh*


  1. Hmmm...just listen to what your doctor tells you and take whatever medication they prescribed. You're borderline, but you still need to monitor your BP closely.

    Sad to say, but a lot of Asian dishes are like heart-killers---too much salt and fatty foods. Just cut down on the salt and eat those fruits and veggies. Also, try to get a little bit of cardiovascular exercise in each day. A little will help. Take the stairs at work, instead of the elevator, and walk around after eating lunch, etc.

    Most importantly, don't let this stress you out. Stress will raise your BP too. Try to find ways to relax at work, at home, and with your family. ;)

  2. ako mama HB pud jo. i hope ull get better..naa cguro na mga foods to avoid sah?

  3. thanks bchai. you're right on all points. i'm really trying my best to get back to my old healthy self.

    hi net, yes, healthy eating na jud ta ani


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