what a tiring day!

It's a tiring day today. I went to the district hospital to get Pauline's certificate of live birth only to find out that it's not available yet because it hasn't been signed by the attending physician. The person in charge blamed me for not calling ahead. Wow! I even tried calling today but the phone in the Records Section is off. She made a lame excuse that it's only today that their phone's not working. Whatever! I almost forgot to hold my temper that it almost cost me a tablet of Nifedipine.

I called my doctor and informed her about the unsigned document. She said she's been to the district hospital a lot of times but nobody has asked her to sign anything. This is such a lucky day! I was informed by the Records Section that the document is due on the 26th and that I need to personally have it signed by my doctor and that she needs it back by tomorrow so that it would then be ready a week after that. I wanted to complain--"Is this my job?" but decided not to. Our company's accountant would be needing this document anytime soon. So tomorrow, I'll be off to see my doctor in her clinic and then proceed to the district hospital. The clinic and the hospital are in two different locations. I just hope I'd get all things done without any hitch. Or God help me with my temper.


  1. jo ang BP atimana ug ang wrinkles ;) regards

  2. You're right---that's a hassle. It'd piss me off too if I had to run around town running errands instead of spending it with the baby.

    Goodness, at least, you'll have the certificate soon. Just be mindful of your BP and take it easy also. ;)

  3. I understand completely where you're coming from. I'm dealing with the opposite type problem. My Mother just died a week ago and we've been waiting for the death certificate to be signed so we can take care of things. Finally yesterday they called. Took one full week, not sure why it takes so long. Good luck at your end. Hope today is better for you.

    Please swing by for a visit, love having new visitors.


  4. thank you shan and bchai. finally, i had the document signed today and delivered it to the Records Section of the hospital. I asked the person in charge if I can already have the certificate next week, she just told me to call first. toink, I would have to call again but their phone's not working. HALA!

    hi sandy, thanks for dropping by. it'd be a pleasure to drop by to your site.


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