postpartum hypertension

after the C-section, i thought it was already time to celebrate because i'm already out of danger. unfortunately, when i came back to my doctor to have my incision checked, i had a 150/110 reading again on my blood pressure. my BP has already returned to normal before i was released to the hospital but then it started recurring, again and again.

i still have edema in the feet and abdomen at that time so the doctor suspected that it might be the contributing factor to my hypertension. aside from treating my edema, i was prescribed with medicine for hypertension but i only have to take it if my BP is above or equal to 130/80. i was reluctant to drink hypertension medicine because i was worried i might start to become dependent to it but the doctor insisted. my hypertension has to be corrected within six weeks. i was told that a hypertension that won't go away beyond six weeks after delivery is no longer a postpartum hypertension. it might become chronic. also, i was told that if it's not treated right away, it might result to eclampsia.

for a while i became paranoid. i thought if the Lord would take away my life this early, it would be so sad to leave my little girl and husband behind so soon.

right now, the swelling on my feet went away. my blood pressure is starting to get normal. i think i'm getting better. so help me God.

hmmm, i wonder, is this the price i have to pay for giving birth past the age of 30?


  1. Hmmm...just make sure you don't overdo it or stress yourself out. You need to relax and take your medication, like the docs prescribed. Walking will help lower the BP, but I don't know if you're able to walk much with a new incision just yet.

    Yeah, the age thing could be a factor, but don't let that stress you. The same thing with the eclampsia deal. The important thing is to take care of your health and enjoy these precious moments with your little angel.

    Also, please get plenty of rest. Try to keep your feet up to reduce the swelling. If you have to, have family and friends come over to watch or help with Pauline so you can take care of your health. :)

  2. Jo ang utan bisaya diha kalami ug para minus highblood P.

    daghan na ta nga stress jo, rest lang siguro ka maau for the moment paayo pa ka diha. may kay naa tepen wala pa work.


  3. thanks bchai and shanix. i'm eating healthy already. no more pork on my diet YET (YET, because i can't use "ANYMORE" hehe). i do rest also. already hired a nanny because i'll be back to work in may.
    shan, stephen's back to work. he started last week. we're still officemates

  4. ah nice kay officemates japon mo. bon, am happy for u both.

  5. i know what you are going through, my b/p has been up since i had my baby at the end of january. hope your b/p comes down soon. i try to focus on taking my meds and sweet things like my new baby. God bless

  6. thanks anj.. i'm doing ok, as of. how about you? hows that BP coming?

  7. Hi, you had same incident with my wife. She had high BP when she gave birth to our first born son. If you mean C-section is cesarian the reason she got cesarian was because of her high bp.

  8. Some people experience hypertension while doing heavy work.


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