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As I've mentioned in my previous post, I really wanted to breastfeed little Pauline. I've also been encouraged by two of my long-time friends who are also advocates of breastfeeding. They gave me words of wisdom about it. Unfortunately, I didn't do breastfeeding full-time. Pauline has to be on mix feeding. As advised by the doctor, I have to rest also because of my hypertension. So it's either that I breastfeed her during daytime or nighttime. Also, I didn't have abundant supply of milk yet and I couldn't keep up with her appetite. She cries each time the flow of my milk slows down. Anyway, I'd be back to work soon and she'd need to be fed with an infant formula whenever I am not around. I already bought the breast pump (the electric one). I've been taking soups on my diet, too. Both didn't quite help with milk production. Or maybe I am just being too impatient. Suggestions, anyone?

I won't give up, though. I'm still breastfeeding. It's a big help to Pauline because she was born via C-section. She needs to have antibodies, a benefit that she gets from breastfeeding. It's a great bonding for the two of us also, plus, they say it can help with losing weight. Gosh, my figure right now is just too awful!


  1. Hmmm...I wish I could help you there, hon. Rome was bottle-fed through and through. However, he's above average for his size and weight, in case you were wondering how he ended up. LOL.

    But, I have to agree---breast is best. There are extra nutrients that are beneficial for Pauline that even formula can't mimic, so be patient if the milk isn't coming out like a faucet. I was told by German moms that iron & calcium help, so start eating plenty of veggies! ;)

    Don't worry about your figure or body. If you're breastfeeding, you'll lose weight faster than those who aren't. In the meantime, Pauline will gain more weight!

  2. may pa ka jo. naka breastfeed. higop daw sabaw maau ingon sila para daghan gatas.

  3. i'm breast feding too, only supplementing with formula when i am at work (3 night shifts). it seems like you are doing everything right just don't give up and do what your body feels the most comfortable with. any added stress is not needed with your b/p being high so don't be hard on yourself


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