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I am so jealous! Pauline is now daddy's favorite. His apple of the eyes. Everytime he comes home from work, he carries Pauline and tells her that he misses her so much. I asked him, "What about your wife? Didn't you miss her?". LOL. Actually, I was only joking (although most jokes are half-meant, they say). I am jealous because Pauline and I didn't have any mom-and-daughter picture. Too bad, mom still looks awful with her still-bulging stomach. I've just spoken to my doctor and she says that these are my fats, the souvenir of my fondness for food during pregnancy. I will be losing it pretty soon if I breastfeed more often but Pauline feeds on the bottle more than she feeds on me. Now I'm putting pressure on my daughter. I told her that we need to help each other. I help supply her with antibodies and she helps me lose my weight. Suck baby, suck! :)

On another note, my doctor also warned me ahead that I should not be pregnant again within two to three years. After all that I went through, I don't think I would ever think of having another baby especially if I'd be 35 by then. Oh well, these are just my thoughts for now.


  1. Don't worry, you'll lose the tummy fat in a little bit. Mine isn't as big as it was after the baby.

    Ah, don't be jealous of the father/daughter bond---I think that comes naturally. Think of it this way, Pauline will wrap her daddy around her fingers and get WHATEVER SHE WANTS. ;)

    I was told a similar thing about future children: wait 1 yr before getting pregnant again. It's because of the C-section. The uterus needs time to heal from its incision or we risk a rupture from another pregnancy. *SIGH*

    At the same time: GREAT pic. I'm waiting to see pics of mommy & Pauline!

  2. yeah, i hope it goes away before i lose all that self-esteem. i still can't wear many of the clothes i own prior to pregnancy. i've succumbed to wearing pajamas in the house. and pretty soon i'll be going to work. nothing i would wear can make the bulge less visible.. geezz
    the cost of the diapers and milk would also definitely make me think twice about having another baby.
    will have our picture taken. coming soon.

  3. beautiful pics, has your b/p come down yet?
    you'll be back in your old clothes soon

  4. thank you anj... my BP has returned to normal.. but as far as the tummy thing, i still have a longggggggggggg way to go..thank you for dropping.. and i apologize for this late reply


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