i love this picture!

This may not be what you may call a perfect photograph but I was greatly touched by this picture. A picture of the three of us for the first time after the C-section. I look so pale and tired in this picture. Little Pauline is already beside me in my small bed. My husband is taking a quick pancit meal because he can't leave me to eat somewhere else. He's wrapped his hand with clean plastic so he can eat by hand. I gave birth at a district hospital, not so far away from our home. Unlike a private hospital where almost everything in it looks splendid, this district hospital is not really much of a beautiful sight, although their medical team are equally as competent as the ones being employed at a private hospital. In fact, most doctors who are working at a private hospital also work for a government hospital.

When I first saw this picture, I was teary-eyed because I pitied ourselves. Didn't we look so poor and desolate in this situation? Actually, we're not in the ward section. This is a semi-private room. I'm sharing this room with another mother who also underwent Caesarian procedure. It's bad to complain but the room is sooo hot as there's only one ceiling fan running in-between our beds. The CR is also quite disappointing. It looked like they ran out of muriatic acid. Anyway, after that self-pity thing, I was enlightened. I thought our situation is far nothing from Joseph's and Mother Mary's situation. The Lord, who is King of all Kings, was even born in a manger! I'm no Virgin Mary but I am greatly humbled by this story. Instantly, I don't feel pity for ourselves anymore. I feel blessed we've gotten past all the hardships. Thank you dear God!


  1. A moving and touching picture, indeed. As with all (most, I assume) mothers, you'll never ever forget the moment of Pauline's birth...glamorous, un-glamorous, happy, frustrating, etc.

    I'm touched that you shared this picture and moment with us all! You look fine in this shot. At least you don't look too drugged up (like I did)! ;)

    Wonderful family shot!

  2. thanks cath! you really make me feel a whole lot better :)


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