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Next to singing the videoke, blogging turned out to be my most interesting and enjoyable hobby because this is where I have gained new friends. In fact, right now, with the entrance of baby Pauline, it has totally replaced videoke singing as my favorite hobby. Baby Pauline would surely be awakened from her sleep if I would still be belting my way through Celine Dione’s or Whitney Houston’s songs. Oh, surely it would be a nightmare for her!
Anyhow, after a year of blogging, I also noticed that I already have a PageRank 1 for my blog. I’m no expert about how websites are ranked by Google but I’m already happy that it has achieved a PR 1 rating. It’s been zero for the last several months.
Talk about hitting two birds with one stone. I do not only enjoy blogging as a hobby, I sometimes earn from it. This is why I’ve come to love and embrace blogging more and more. Blogging is indeed both profitable and fun!
So, I’m thinking, if I’m blogging for profit and fun, why not make the most of it? I would definitely love to make some improvements on my blog. Before I gave birth to Pauline, a friend of mine offered to sponsor me into having a new design for my blog to make it more appealing. So pretty soon my blog will be sporting on a new design or theme. It’s long been my dream also to have my own domain someday. Incidentally, I came across a popular web hosting site that provides independent reviews about the top ten best web hosting providers available today. I really find webhostinggeeks site an excellent resource because they give you a wide variety of information about web hosting services and gives helpful tips in finding the right provider. This site would definitely make the choosing and deciding easier. I also find their blog about SEO helpful and informative. It gives a basic but thorough knowledge about optimizing my blog and increasing website traffic. I am really all praises for this site. I hope to be able to apply everything I have learned from them. In fact, I have added them as one of my favorites. They are really geeks, in a positive way. Check out webhostinggeeks.com now - you will find everything you need to know about web hosting and so much more.

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