dad and daughter video

I'd like to share this video of Daddy Pippen (Stephen's instant nickname) and Dip2x (Diane Pauline's nickname) which I uploaded in youtube. It's really fun to be a new mom. I enjoy taking simple videos like this. I watch it over and over again because it helps in lowering my blood pressure :)

Here's a running joke behind this video: I pretended to be busy making this video so I will have a good excuse not to change Dip2x's diaper. LOL


  1. cutie pie Dip2x. i enjoyed watching this video kay lihok da ah. liwat ni tepen ang mata ay.

    naunsa na ang kamot jo?

  2. kacute sa bb Dip2x oi. hehe maau na kaau mu ilis ug diaper si tepen dah. heheh.

  3. hi shan, i don't know what they call that but it's something that the pediatrician has attached so she can easily inject the antibiotics and vaccine on dip2x so she will not feel any pain. the only time she felt the pain was when it was attached and then when it's removed. it's been there for like a week. it's gone now.

    hi net, yeah, hands-on dad kaayo si tepen. :)

  4. OMG...she is a doll! Look at those eyes. So beautiful!

    Hah hah..."poo-poo..."

  5. thanks bchai.. shanix said she got those eyes from her dad. hmmm, i'd like to object.. won't you even take a second look? LOL

  6. wowwww ka gwapa ni Dip2x oi. She has beautiful eyes Jo.. ok this time I will say she looks more like you hehehe:P.. (co'z I didn't see Stephen in person:P)


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