i'm getting there!

Just for the record, it's been fourteen days since my maternity leave. Little Pauline is still kicking strong inside my womb. If she follows the expected delivery date stated in the ultrasound, I'll be due in eight days. Waaaaaa... I'm getting excited and nervous at the same time. How will I hold out on this pregnancy? God, I certainly wish and pray for a safe delivery.

Ever since I got this break from work, I've been doing some walking as a form of exercise. The doctor told me it is best for me. It can certainly help induce labor by bringing on contractions, in a natural way. Everytime I do that, I feel like she's going a little lower, heading down below my pelvis. If she's indeed moved a little lower, the internal examination tomorrow wouldn't be as painful as my first experience. I'd be lucky if the doctor wouldn't have to probe deeper.

I wake up everyday wondering if today could be the day that my waterbag breaks. Am I ready for it? I have everything prepared already in my hospital bag except for one item--the breast pump! Yes, we were not able to buy one yet. It's my fault, I'm too choosy. Everytime the saleslady in the department store shows me a breast pump, I would wish for the one that's being sold at another store. Yeah, right, I'm getting a little weird. I just hope though that even with the humble size, I'd get to breastfeed my baby so we can save some money on formulated milk.

As I am writing this article, there's a loud pounding and hammering noise in the background. We are finally getting the rooms constructed. Thanks to my husband's separation money (hehehe), we've spent some of it for home improvement. It's a blessing in disguise his employment in a new company was put on hold so I am well assured he'd be around for the big day. Things will hopefully fall into place, all in accordance to His will.

For now, while waiting for D-day, I'm trying to get myself productive by accepting a few online jobs courtesy of a friend. I'm not earning so much from it yet but it's a good training ground for me, although I can't commit on long-term online jobs YET as I don't know if I'd be able to deliver everything as needed. I definitely can't work on Labor Day! :)


  1. I just want to wish you the best with the rest of the pregnancy and delivery...and then after! You are in my prayers for a safe, exciting and not too painful labor/delivery! God bless!

  2. Oh my! It's coming up quickly, hon! Just take it easy these next few days and don't stress out too much. Just "go with the flow," as they like to say.

    Make sure the hospital bags are right by the door so you don't forget anything when the big day comes. ;)

    Just make sure Pauline's things are ready too! I can't wait & I'm so excited for you!

  3. oh i didnt know u were on leave? the last time we chat i thought you were at work, hehe. thanks diay for the help ha for calling some people to inquire. :)

    im excited for you mommy jo! hope u will have a safe labor. stay healthy.

  4. ingatz Joanne, I guess nanganak naka, wa naman ka tunga diri... au au enjoy being a mother. Uy, pareha diay name imu baby with my bro's baby ako ang nagpangan, Pauleen lang iya spelling..:)..

    post dayon pics diri, daghan nagpa abot :D


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