help, i'm itching

I remembered bchai mentioning something about an oatmeal lotion that can give some relief to itching during pregnancy. I’ve been doing some shopping here and there but I didn’t see any oatmeal lotion being sold here in Cebu. Or maybe I just didn’t look hard enough.

Right now, I’m itching all over my belly. My back is itching too but it’s not quite as itchy as my belly. I tell you, it’s not fun to itch like this. I’ve been trying to control the itching by trying not to scratch it, like it’s a mind-over-matter kind of thing. Sometimes I can’t help but scratch it a little. And a little bit more. Now the sight of my stretch marks is getting worse.


  1. Oh, Meretrisha, I feel your pain. If you can't find oatmeal, try an old-school remedy my friend taught me: rub a little bit of olive oil. The olive oil will help the skin stretch a bit and relieve a bit of the itching. I know the itching can become so intense, you go crazy over it.

    Try a bit of baby powder for now to see if anything helps a little. :)

    ...don't worry, it's not long to go before your angel arrives!

  2. or what about cocoa butter lotion jo if you can find one there.

    your little angel got some hair so that's why your itching that much.

  3. try looking in metro ayala jo. in the imported aisle i think u can find oatmeal lotion there.

  4. sa grocery diay ni na area ha not sa dry goods

  5. thanks bchai. will buy olive oil if i can't find that oatmeal lotion. we will try going to ayala as jenneth had suggested. yeah, i'm going crazy over the itch that i'm so looking forward to D-day :)

    shan, i'm not sure if cocoa butter helps. vannex gave me one. i've been using it but i'm still itching. it helps as a moisturizer though.

    hi net, thanks, i'm not an ayala shopper but we'll definitely go there if this itching doesn't go away.


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