at home with baby pauline

hello to my readers, fellow bloggers, friends, family and well-wishers! i'm now at home with baby diane pauline. it's so good to be at home and resting. or should i say recuperating. i thought it would be a normal delivery, but, unexpectedly, i said hello to the C-section. :(

march 26, 2009. 2:27 a.m. thankfully, she's finally with us. i wish i could tell you right now all the details of what a struggle it had been trying to safely deliver baby pauline to this world but i'll probably write it on a new post later on as i am still not one hundred percent A-okay. just give me some time to be on the writing mode. meantime, i'll just leave you with this picture of pauline and his dad, taken at the hospital.



    Oh, it sounds like quite an adventure with the C-section! I'll patiently wait until you're ready to make the details of Pauline's birth public. I had a C-section too, so I feel your pain.

    Right now, just rest as much as possible and take it real easy. I mean it too. Stay off the pc until you're well rested!

    What a heartwarming picture of the baby and her proud papa! Wish mama was in the picture too! :)

  2. Hala jo no, la jud ko magdahum ma CS ka. pero sige nalang basta everything is safe for you and baby Pauline. luwas na ka.

    can't wait to see your baby. at the moment relax sa kay ang operasyon. ingats

  3. awwwwww!!! im so happy for u..welcome, BB Pauline!

    i can't wait to read more of your experience. how heavy diay is the bb? why man na C-section ka?

    it's great to see u back..when you're 100% ok, pls tell us more about it. miss you, jo!

  4. hi Joanne, welcome back! congrats!.. welcome to your angel Pauline, finally she's here :) .. hope you're doing well.. take care always..

  5. thank you guys.. C-section is no fun at all. I wished I had a normal delivery. thankfully, we survived.. but I'm still feeling some pain.. talk about it in my future posts.. I miss you guys, my friends, my family..

  6. net, pauline was only 3.1 kilos when she came out. she's now 3.6 kilos :)


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