we're getting that full-time job soon...

So I’ve forgotten to write an update about my pregnancy. Let me just pick up where I left off. I’ll be on my eighth month this February 15th. Last Sunday, I went to the clinic for my pre-natal checkup. Ob gyne almost forgot to give me my second dose of anti-tetanus that day. I almost forgot about it, too. Lately, this pregnancy is keeping me from remembering a lot of things. I’ve already stepped out of the consultation room and she had already pushed the button to call on her next patient when my husband who was just in the waiting area asked me if I was done with the anti-tetanus stuff. I had to ask the front desk assistant so that I’d be allowed to go back in to remind her about it. It’s in the patient card, doc. How could you have missed it? You had the schedule of the shot clearly written. I could have told her that but I didn’t. I don’t blame her. She got lots of patients every Sunday. It’s already way past lunch but she had to attend to about ten patients more. This is the same ob gyne I talked about several posts ago. I know I have tagged her as prima donna at one point. It was an irritating experience but I guess I didn’t quite understand her at that time. Aside from reporting at the clinic on Sundays, she’s also working in a hospital. Sometimes she gets caught up with a lot of patients there that she would unintentionally keep us waiting. There were a couple of instances also where she really didn’t show up, but that’s because she had emergencies to attend to. Anyhow, I learned that she’s good at what she does and she's not charging too much. So it means I have kept my patience--and I just took her as my private doctor. Well, well, well, what a development!

This weekend, we’ll start packing the things that I will need in the hospital. My big and itching stomach and a kicking thing inside constantly remind me that I’m definitely getting closer and closer to my due date. I’m thinking that when that time comes, I’ll be putting on my ugliest face ever when I get to the labor room, but hopefully, I’d put on my happiest face when I get the chance to hold my little version for the very first time.

I’m nervous. I'm scared. I’m excited. Mixed feelings. We’re about to become parents! Whew! That sure is a full-time job.


  1. OH MY GOSH---you're due SOON! I'm excited for the both of you. Also, I don't expect any posts for a long time! Don't worry, we'll all be here waiting for those first precious pictures I'm sure you'll be posting! ;)

    Yep, good thing you're on top of your shots. I hope they don't miss anything else, especially when your little angel is born.

    Also, I'm glad I found you too, especially through Van! ;) I'm busy looking through all her pics. LOL.

  2. yes, i'll be posting pics SOON. i wonder if it would pass the flickr standards.
    vaneza had a wonderful vacation. i saw her pics on friendster. i wonder why she's not updating her blog.. hmmm

  3. I'm sure it'll pass Flickr's standards. As long as it's not showing private parts, then it'll be okay.

    Van's busy uploading her pics on Flickr. LOL. Then we'll see her blog updated soon. ;)


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