that's my brother!

(Just a short but funny recollection of brother McAldz. This happened years ago but everytime I would remember about this, still puts the same smile on my face. :-))

Back then, our eldest brother didn't know much about Internet and stuff. The first time he was introduced to the Friendster network, he was very happy and sent SMS to everybody he knows with this message "Please add me -, password 'bryant'". You have guessed it right, the next lesson we gave him was how to change his password. Hehehe


  1. OMG, that's too funny. Good thing he has you and the others to help him get around that crazy internet world. ;)

    I take it he's better with his internet now? :)

  2. LOL, our eldest brother is indeed one funny guy. He's currently working in Abu Dhabi. Once in a while he calls our younger brother to check on his Friendster account for any updates. He must be getting better at it hahaha

  3. Hahahahahaha

    I also know someone who gives out her password to everyone. LOL

    This made my day! Thank you for the laughs!


  4. you're welcome sasha, thanks for visiting! for some reason, i could not comment to your site using the link to your name. sending smiles to you :) :)

  5. Hi Meretrisha,
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  6. hahahah ka alegre ni Jules oi...

    kinsa pa to pangan sa imu younger bro Jo?..Jayson right?

  7. van, it's jason (minus the "y") :)
    you also have a brother named Jason, right?


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