A Message of Thanks

I could’ve written about this sooner but I’m still waiting for the pictures to get downloaded to the computer.

We got this package at the Mandaue Central Post Office last Friday. Wow, it’s for our little princess Diane Pauline! (Yes, we decided to name her Diane Pauline as Shan had earlier suggested since my sister Jemimah also suggested the same.) Thank you, Cathy, Jordan and Rome for being so sweet and thoughtful. Thanks for the nice message on the card, too.

Thanks also to the Mandaue Central Post Office for rendering an honest service. We only had to pay thirty-five pesos for the customs fee. I heard about some horrible stories about packages not getting to the supposed recipient. In fact, it’s been almost three months since my hubby’s sister sent a package from Norway to their parents in Talisay via registered mail but the package was unheard of until now. His sister might have to file a complaint for this. Whew! I wonder what’s wrong with the world today.


  1. Awesome! You guys received it! Your little princess is going to have a lot of stuff coming from friends and family around the globe.

    (OMG, to think of all the pretty girl's things she's going to get!)

    Yay, yay, yay! I can't wait to see how your angel's going to look in blue. LOL. (I'll have to fix that.)

  2. haha not to worry. she'll look good in anything. blue is the new pink anyway. breaking all the rules. *wink*

  3. what a nice gift to start jo. there will be more to come soon...


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