have i lost my sense of humor?

I have always looked at life as a roller coaster ride. Some days are happy, some days are sad. Today, you’re in trouble, the next day, your happiness is doubled. And whether we like it or not, we will journey through this life with both the bitter and the better things. It’s just a matter of dealing with the bitter and savoring the better—and hopefully, looking forward to the best.

Wow, am I getting serious or what? Have I lost my sense of humor? Being married is not just all fun and romance. It is also a lifetime commitment and obligation to your partner and to the marriage. Having or expecting a baby gives another excitement to the marriage but it also requires an even more serious role for the couple. Talk about trying to make all ends meet. Raising your child with the good and right values. Trying to shape ourselves to become the best parents we can be. This and probably much more.

I’m sure you already know by now that hubby will be out of job effective February 28th. When you really think about it, it’s quite depressing. As his officemate, I’ve seen how serious he is with his job. He’s not the type that just works for the sake of working and getting paid. Unfortunately, he will be one of those who would have to seek for other opportunities elsewhere. We thought it’s just so untimely. It’s not a good welcome gift for the baby. But we’re not about to lose hope. I’ve seen how optimistic he is with getting a new job. And when he is about to lose his optimism, we cling to God for help and guidance.

Long before this retrenchment thing, we’ve been discussing about not being employed in the same company so that when things such as this arise, we’re not about to risk losing both our jobs. We didn’t act upon it right away but it’s just so fortunate that the company is keeping me for now and God only knows for how long. I still feel lucky though. No new company would shelter you with a new job when you’re eight months’ pregnant, right?

Call it a blessing in disguise. Hopefully, he gets his hard-earned paycheck and a separation pay and will be shaking hands with his new employer soon. Take it from the wife who believes so much in her husband—and more importantly, in God’s kindness. We’ve seen how God works. We just got amazed. Every time we feel we’re about to lose hope, help just comes out of nowhere, when we least expect them.

What we’re experiencing now is no joke. But definitely, I still haven’t totally lost my sense of humor. He’s not losing his. Maybe it’s just taking a back seat, for the meantime. When you’re traveling through an unfamiliar road, it’s best to keep your head straight on the road and do some serious driving.


  1. I can tell that the both of you are very strong and hopeful. I really and truly wish that your husband can find a new job and soon. Don't worry too much, hon, there's always a light at the end of the tunnel.

    If I was there, trust me, I'd do all I can to help out. Right now, just rely on your friends & family (both at home and around the world) to talk to, lean on, and trust as your support outlet. They'll all be there for you through thick and thin.

    I've never been a religious gal, but I know God and prayers help too.

    ...by the way, you haven't lost your sense of humor. Some days they come out, some days they don't. ;)

  2. you still have not lost your sense of humor..:) but you still write good blogs even when you're in the midst of serious concerns.

    it's a good thing that you still get to keep your job even if you said wala ka sure until wen. tefen will find a job, im sure. bitaw, ayaw jud lose hope. makakita ra lage si tefen og work. i'll also pray for u and tefen and the bb...

    wen gani ka due?

  3. thanks, bchai! helps to know you're always there to listen, such a sweet friend. i wouldn't have known you if it weren't for this blogging thing *wink*

    hi net, i'm flattered, LOL. thanks for your words of encouragement. my expected due date is march 22. wish me luck hehehe


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