the real shocker

"If you are weak in a crisis, you are weak indeed."--Proverbs 24:24

today came as a real shocker. i think i feel numb. i don't know what to feel. i had a premonition about this. but a premonition feels different than reality. yes, friends, if you've stumbled upon marie's latest blog, you would already have the idea that we're about to lose our jobs. hubby and the rest of our officemates are given 30 days' notice. call it retrenchment. i won't give the details but it has something to do with a new company owning the project we're working on. technically, they're still keeping me and two others but i don't know for how long, the rest has got to go. eventually, i may have to go, too.

now this is nothing new to me. i've had an experience like this a few years back, it was even quite more worse than this. i was so down and in denial at that time. we got ourselves wasted almost every night because we couldn't believe our company's closing down because we thought we were doing well. but it turned out that i was wrong. eventually, i had to move on.

today, i now realize we should learn to accept things as they are. there's no room for self-pity. we have a baby to raise someday. i am quite optimistic that things will get better for us soon. God knows what He is doing. this won't last very long.

if anyone is touched by this story, please get us a job hehehe. just trying to be funny amidst this difficult time.


  1. i feel sad about this sudden crisis jo. what a predicament!

    and pls be on line in ym so we can make chika.

    if i'm there that would be my second time of retrenchment too wayback in innodata phils. in 2002

  2. Oh, sweetie! I'm so sorry to hear about the sudden loss of jobs for your dear friends and officemates! I hope it didn't affect your husband.

    Also, I hope the company re-hires many of the people you worked with. I'm really hoping things work out for everyone, especially for you and the hubby.

    I'm keeping my fingers crossed for everybody.

  3. oh! this is sad. abi nko ang project lang ni shiela ang nawala. hmmm. nakaabot na jud diay ang economic crunch sa US sah. diri pud daghan na kaau mga unemployed. if im there pud, ikaduha na pud na nako na retrenchment kay sa innodata pud dati. hehe. anyway, jo, i know its not gonna be easy but God will make a way. just dont lose hope. i hope ur still doing fine and the bb.

  4. hello ladies. thanks for all your concern. we're doing fine but not in high spirits. as the days go by, i must admit, it feels sadder. we hope we can pull this through.

  5. heheheh JO don't worry.. you're are not laid off yet right? here just got laid off..:) my 2nd time from Innodata..Hopefully I will get a job soon for life! LOL.. maybe a housewife hahahahhaha

  6. hi van, let's not lose hope. hubby is trying to get a new job soon. being a housewife too can be a full-time job hehehe


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