passing the virus

my blogging pastime was once again interrupted because of health reasons. i had to make sure that i regain my health before i start hitting the keys again for this purpose.

about a week ago, i had episodes of diarrhea and fever which really had me worried because i feared that it will do some harm to my baby. despite feeling too tired, i had myself checked at the clinic. i was diagnosed with having this acute gastroenteritis. i thought i would be prescribed with medicines to relieve me of my condition but unfortunately, i was only advised to drink lots of fluids (including a hydrite tablet (to be dissolved in water), an oral rehydration solution) and to eat some bananas. the best part of it was that i was advised to take a rest. it could've meant never having to worry about things at work but eventually i had to pay the price for being sick and away from work because i was also caught up with my deadlines when i got back. come to think of it, i'd rather be pregnant and working rather than be pregnant and sick like that. there's only me and hubby in the house, so naturally, he had to take a leave of absence also to take care of a sick wifey. i didn't really want to appear to be a burden to my husband but i guess i need to work on strengthening my immune system and all. as the doctor puts it, i need to avoid being in places where there are lots of people and crowd as different kinds of viruses and bacteria are lurking around waiting for an opportunity to get into my system. and what's so bad about it, i can't just take any medication given my pregnant state.

there were lot of things that i missed doing because of acute gastroenteritis. for one, my blogging pastime was sacrificed. i missed a lot of nice reads from my friends' blogs. also, i wasn't able to see two of my friends who were here in cebu for a short vacation or visit.

the good news is that i've gotten rid of my diarrhea and fever, as of this writing. the bad news-- i'm constipated! i guess i must have exaggerated a little bit on the banana stuff, LOL. and here's yet another bad news-- hubby is sick! i think i have passed on the virus to him. he's had fever and diarrhea for two days already. what an ordeal! now, it's my turn to take care of him. hmmm, poor hubby. i hope he feels better soon.


  1. I'm glad to see you're feeling LOADS better, hon. I'm just sorry to hear your hubby got it! (Oh NOOO!) Just make sure you two don't keep passing it to and fro, and keep the cuddling to a minimum. For now. LOL.

    Also, a good advice I learned before, during, and after pregnancy:

    Wash hands! (Don't worry, I'll blog why later. LOL)

    Sheesh---the perils of motherhood! Still, just TAKE it easy, especially now that you're getting super close to that due date!

  2. oi naunsa nagpuli puli ra diay mo kasakit ni tefen diha. hope you both feel better right now. miss your blogs, jo..

  3. sad to hear jo but i hope everything's gone well with you na and to tepen.

    i believe drinking lots of fluids--water therapy will do instead of oral medications.

  4. thank you guys.. hubby's okay now.


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