my seventh heaven

whoopss, was i gone too long? january really kept me busy. and we're even just halfway through the month. starting today, though, we weren't ask to do a one-hour extension, it looks like our workload and our deadlines have already become manageable. yipee! talk about timing. i was really hoping we could have some free time. just to take a breather. from work. from all the rush. and avoid the stress. when we had a meeting last week, i jokingly lied to our boss that my doctor prohibited me from doing overtime. it didn't sell, anyway. i guess you could say i'm not a natural liar.

care for some pregnancy update? last january 11th, i went to see the ob gyne for my pre-natal checkup. she was surprised to see that i bloated so much. this was the first time that i heard her say i had better slow down on my eating and measure what i eat if i don't want to have problems during labor. oh boy was i embarrassed. i wonder why i feel hungry most of the time. hubby took this seriously and proclaimed himself as my official dietitian. my meals and snacks are now well-guarded and measured. i can't ask for a second helping of rice or viand. i can't eat sweets anymore. i feel deprived but i do understand, he only wants what's best for me and the baby.

today, i'm on my seventh month. my stomach has grown bigger and bigger that i can't see my swelling feet anymore when i'm standing up. at least, that saved me from worrying too much about my edema. and i guess you wouldn't like to see my stretch marks, they're really not a beautiful sight. what a dilemma! it's also getting harder trying to get myself in a comfortable sleep, what with a big stomach and a kicking baby inside. yes, the little one kicks and punches me most of the time. we can even see how my belly would move or shake everytime he/she does that. just as it is hard to get to sleep, it's also hard to get out of bed. i've to get up from my side and use my hands and elbows to push myself up from a lying position. i even experienced this shortness of breath also. i feel like my lungs have been pushed away from where it should be. my kidneys, too! it seems like the little one kicks so hard, makes me want to visit the CR each time.

and oh, i'm still using "he/she" in this post since, as of this writing, we still don't know the sex of our baby. i do agree that it's exciting not to know the sex of the baby until it pops out but for practicality's sake, we wanted to prepare ahead. baby's stuff and baby's name. hopefully, tomorrow, we can get the ultrasound done.

things haven't been very comfortable lately. and i'm not complaining. almost all mom wannabe's go through this. so, bring it on!


  1. Ah, I feel your pain, dear. Brings back memories. LOL!

    When you sleep, try putting a pillow between your knees. It'll feel better. Have your hubby rub a warm compress on your lower back if your back aches too.

    As for the eating, just take it easy, but don't diet. You still need your calories or else it could trigger problems for you and the baby. Cut down on sweets, yes, but make sure you take your prenatal vitamins and get in as much calcium as you can. It'll help. (I'll blog why later)

    Still no news of the sex??? SHEESH! You have us all hanging in suspense!

  2. hehe we already had an ultrasound done last night before heading home. to keep the suspense going, you will read about this on my next post! i just have to help around the house first. hubby insists on doing the laundry. i gotta do some housekeeping. i'll get back to blogging after i've made myself useful in the house. :)


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