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the real shocker

"If you are weak in a crisis, you are weak indeed."--Proverbs 24:24 today came as a real shocker. i think i feel numb. i don't know what to feel. i had a premonition about this. but a premonition feels different than reality. yes, friends, if you've stumbled upon marie's latest blog , you would already have the idea that we're about to lose our jobs. hubby and the rest of our officemates are given 30 days' notice. call it retrenchment. i won't give the details but it has something to do with a new company owning the project we're working on. technically, they're still keeping me and two others but i don't know for how long, the rest has got to go. eventually, i may have to go, too. now this is nothing new to me. i've had an experience like this a few years back, it was even quite more worse than this. i was so down and in denial at that time. we got ourselves wasted almost every night because we couldn't believe our company&#

passing the virus

my blogging pastime was once again interrupted because of health reasons. i had to make sure that i regain my health before i start hitting the keys again for this purpose. about a week ago, i had episodes of diarrhea and fever which really had me worried because i feared that it will do some harm to my baby. despite feeling too tired, i had myself checked at the clinic. i was diagnosed with having this acute gastroenteritis. i thought i would be prescribed with medicines to relieve me of my condition but unfortunately, i was only advised to drink lots of fluids (including a hydrite tablet (to be dissolved in water), an oral rehydration solution) and to eat some bananas. the best part of it was that i was advised to take a rest. it could've meant never having to worry about things at work but eventually i had to pay the price for being sick and away from work because i was also caught up with my deadlines when i got back. come to think of it, i'd rather be pregnant and working

my baby's gender

and the element of surprise was gone last friday -- we are getting a girl! the polls are right. baby girl wins! unless the ultrasound or the sonologist made a mistake about it because i've read about odd cases like this. some of my friends made some guesses that i'm getting a boy because to them i didn't look my best. or i looked different from what i used to be. i heard about this a lot of times that i didn't really bother to fix myself up anymore. it's like my subconscious wanted them to be right about it [ all right now, i looked awful, so you maybe right, it's a boy ]. there was a time my husband asked me why i didn't comb my hair. i jokingly told him, " i'm getting you a baby boy " and we just laughed about it. when i sent dad an SMS telling him that we're getting a girl soon, he said he knew it's a girl. i was touched because in my father's eyes, i looked blooming with my pregnancy. well anyway, all these are anything but g

my seventh heaven

whoopss, was i gone too long? january really kept me busy. and we're even just halfway through the month. starting today, though, we weren't ask to do a one-hour extension, it looks like our workload and our deadlines have already become manageable. yipee! talk about timing. i was really hoping we could have some free time. just to take a breather. from work. from all the rush. and avoid the stress. when we had a meeting last week, i jokingly lied to our boss that my doctor prohibited me from doing overtime. it didn't sell, anyway. i guess you could say i'm not a natural liar. care for some pregnancy update? last january 11th, i went to see the ob gyne for my pre-natal checkup. she was surprised to see that i bloated so much. this was the first time that i heard her say i had better slow down on my eating and measure what i eat if i don't want to have problems during labor. oh boy was i embarrassed. i wonder why i feel hungry most of the time. hubby took this ser

ambush shot

It's been awhile since I've been away from blogging. I apologize to all my friends and readers if you haven't heard anything from me. Been extending an hour more each day, plus work on Saturdays-- whew, beat that! But it's better than not having anything to do at work. That would be pretty boring, too. Anyway, I'm kinda sleepy at this time of the hour. I'll just take a little intermission and give way to this long overdue tag from Jenneth . So here's an ambush picture of me in the middle of my work. Thanks for this tag, 'net. I haven't forgotten all about this but it has been a busy December and New Year for me hehe. I'm tagging bchai , shan , marie , and vaneza . Here are the rules: 1) Take a picture of yourself right NOW! 2) DON'T change your clothes, DON'T fix your hair... Just take a picture. 3) Post that picture with NO editing. 4) Post these instructions with your picture. 5) Tag 10 people to do this.. Goin' back to work now.