Thankful Wednesday

Surprisingly, there’s not much to do in the office today as I’m already way ahead of my deadlines. So while I'm still idle after taking our lunch today, I thought I should write down what's in my head at the moment.

Sometimes small deeds or simple thoughts of concern would be enough to brighten your day. This morning, the office had a happy, upbeat mode. An officemate brought with him his nice set of speakers, the kind that goes boom-boom when connected to music from the Internet or from one’s PC. Everyone sang along and had a happy time until the audio and bass seem to have gotten louder. My officemate-friend Sheila was quick to notice it and sort of reminded the officemate not to set the bass too loud as it could possibly affect the baby I'm carrying inside my womb. I never thought about it until she had let me realize that even adults would palpitate when bass is set too loud. I was greatly touched at this simple thought or act of concern.

I know I've already said my thank-you piece to her via YM- but here's another- Thank you, marie! Sweetness really comes naturally now with you.

thank you,thanks


  1. hahahha...! (surprised me!) you're welcome marie!.. basin ma rocker imo baby ug masobrahan sa loud music...

  2. It's really sweet and touching when others put yours and the baby's concern before theirs. ;)


    No more loud music (or noise) from now on!

  3. this is one of the things i've missed back home and back at my previous workplace..not the loud music...just the freedom to listen whatever we feel like listening miss nako ang Kini ang akong suliran. im not even sure if this is the right title jo, hahahah. btw, kinsa diay nag dala ug speakers?

    hope ur doing ok diha and take care of your little angel.

  4. you guys were so fond of listening to drama on the radio, usahay magka error nalang kay na carried away LOL
    it's co-editor nick who brought the speakers but everything's playing pretty fine now. was just a quick intermission with the bass hehehe


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