A Merry Bloated Christmas

Meretrisha and a Happy New Year...

Hello friends, I'm back. It has been a pretty longggg time minus the blogging. I had been wanting to update my blog but, for the past few days, sleeping (next to eating) became my passion. After reading some great blogs from my favorite friends and bloggers, it would already feel like it's bedtime. I couldn't think of anything to write, anyway. I can only imagine our bed, the pillows, and a good night's sleep with my husband.

So what has kept me busy for the past week or so?

Our company just had our Christmas Party last December 13th (yeah right, it's the same date as my high school reunion). It was a successful event. We've been wanting to go home with the washing machine but Stephen won an MP4 from the raffle, instead. I on the other hand won a computer keyboard. That's not all--our team won the Christmas caroling contest! Because I'm pregnant, I had the privilege of not joining in the presentation and games. Sometimes it's fun to be just the spectator. Here are some pics during the Christmas party.

It was a surefire fun event for all of us. The food was great. I guess I've been eating too much these days. Definitely not a good thing to do throughout my pregnancy. Somebody stop me! :)

Look at my tummy, I sure did look full. Hehehe.

Last Saturday (December 20th), we went to Compostela--mom's death anniversary. The family just had a simple get-together--went to church and had lunch. Expectedly, I ate a lot, especially fruit salad, can't do away with it. So, here's what my tummy have become, at 6 months+.

Then came Sunday, my prenatal schedule. My ob gyne was surprised to learn that my weight has increased from 122 lbs. last month to 134 lbs. this month. Hahaha. If I don't do anything about my appetite, I will really bloat big time. I am so looking forward to Noche Buena!!


  1. Looking good, momma! You're definitely glowing with that pregnancy happiness. You can see it in the pictures! ;)

    Don't worry about gaining weight or eating food, you'll lose like 15 lbs. once the baby pops out. At least, that's what it felt like to me! Just eat, be happy, and bask in the pregnancy glow!

  2. cute kaaau ka sa imo jumper na preggy outfit jo. :)

    btw, i miss the OSI party. we had our christmas potluck kuno sa amo company karon sus igo ra jud mi nikaon, walang kalatoy latoy ila party diri oi. i miss the games back in OSI...

  3. jo hayag na ang gender sa imong baby. it's a boy!

  4. woww nice pic pregnancy pic Jo!.. karon pa ko kabalik basa sa mga blogs hahaha.. ka alegre sa inyong xmas party oi!


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