married life

One great thing about being married is having a partner to share your troubles with although some would say that you wouldn't also be into some kind of trouble have you not gotten married haha. I'm not saying that married life is all about troubles and problems of some sort. More than anything, marriage gives you that certain kind of happiness-- that is, if you really are meant to be married after all.

I believe it will just come to a person. And it wouldn't matter how short or how long the relationship had been going. It will just hit you. The time when you think that both of you are ready and wanted to be with each other for the rest of your lives.

In one of our conversations, my sister had asked me, "Don't you two even argue?" We argue less, but yes we do argue but we make it a point to stay out of the boiling point. Sometimes when it's close to getting a fight, one of us would opt to stay calm. I would also remember to read again mom's letter for both of us. And then I would be reminded about our happy times together. It would then be so hard to stay mad or angry at the man I chose to love and marry.

Stephen and I--we were not born rich, financially. We work to earn a living and to be able to pay for our existence. But together, as husband and wife, we are looking forward to improving our lives to create a better future for our family. And yes, as the Carpenters song goes "We've only just begun..." Our married life is way too young compared to those marriages that are already "tried-and-tested."

Hmmm, I just noticed I talk or write about my husband a lot. I usually do this everytime he's asleep. And he sleeps like a baby! I feel like joining him to bed already. So, like Cinderella, I better be in bed before the clock strikes twelve. I'm turning Sleeping Beauty now. Goodnight.


  1. i can't imagine how boring life is w/o a partner to share for--love, happiness, problems or troubles & evrything. it's a whole package and the 2 must work on it...

    pero i never expected jud na kamo na diay to ni stephen before ko ni resign oyyyyy#!

  2. mag una una man ni si tefen ug tulog noon, heheheh. bitaw jo, married life is fun bya. arguments are part of it but it feels great knowing that you have somebody whom u can share your ups and downs with, nagdrama na man noon ko diri, hahahaha. cute kaau ka diri na pix, hehe kamo na ba ani? kenkoy man kaau ka diri oi.

  3. What a CUTE picture! Soon, we'll be seeing the three of you together. :)

    You're right: marriage has its ups and downs, but the best part is you can enjoy life together and ride out the worst parts.

    Like my husband likes to say,"It's cheaper to keep her..." ;)

  4. shan, it was fun and exciting to keep the relationship to ourselves for awhile. para di pud masuhong ba hehehe..

    hi net.. hehe yeah, official na mi diha ana. you know how we are. he's the serious type, and i'm the less serious one. :)

    thanks bchai. i totally agree. wives can really be good investments. let's just hope we don't depreciate in value so we could get good appraisals hehe

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