Another Great Victory for Manny

Great victory! Manny Pacquiao has once again proved that size doesn't really matter. He has continued to make a lot of Filipinos happy by giving a great fight against boxing legend Oscar dela Hoya. I know Manny's a great fighter, no doubt about it, but I just didn't think he could make the Golden Boy quit after the eighth round. His strong jabs and punches almost had Oscar's one eye closed. Manny didn't even seem to have obtained even the slightest physical injury from the fight. It was a great game.

I was thinking if were a real gambler, I would've been counting my winnings and planning out a vacation with my husband by now. And probably do more shopping. :)


  1. You know, I read all the news from the US side and it's completely biased; they devoted most of their story on Oscar's side, while a paragraph (or less) focused on Manny's. Also, Manny will get about 11 million, while Oscar gets double that even though he lost. Talk about lopsided.

    I'm still glad Manny won though! :)

  2. daog jud atong manok jo. bwahahaha haros na jud ni pacman ang mga lig on nga boxers. :)


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