wide awake with random thoughts

some days i feel so sleepy. some days my eyes are wide awake and today is just one of those days. why is this so? i wonder. maybe i've been thinking about my brother's nursing licensure exam. he just took the first set today. he'll have the other set tomorrow. we've been praying to God that he will pass this licensure exam. as you know, it is our tita juliet in new jersey who sponsored for his education. i know that there's nothing else that can make her happy but for him to finally make it to the end. but i'm not only praying that he pass it in order to give delight to our aunt--more than anything else, it's his future i'm so concerned about. i want him to finally feel that sense of fulfillment for himself. that he will already feel what it's like to reap the fruits of your own labor. so here i am again, pleading to God, that he will grant what I have prayed for on my birthday.

the baby is starting to kick me. looks like he/she wanted me to get to bed already, sleepy or not. i'm going and gone now.

good luck, jason john! no matter what happens, you're still my brother :)


  1. LOL...more sleep, less worries.

    Because once your baby's out, you and your husband will have less sleep. :)

  2. then it's time stock up the house with more coffee then. after i give birth, i'd be hooked to drinking coffee again.. yipeeee

  3. Not TOO much coffee, I hope! LOL.

    You still need some sleep. :)

  4. goodluck Jaja! i know its not gonna be easy but prayers will do wonders...


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