what suits you?

(I don't know if this one's funny but everytime I think about this little fiasco I made with my boss years ago, I can't help but laugh at it. I'm realizing now, my terrible hearing might have probably been the cause of this blunder.)

In my previous job, I had an opportunity to work for an Indian boss. He is intelligent and speaks good English, although sometimes I had trouble with his accent--no offense meant, it's just that I'm used to conversing with Filipino bosses who speak the language like it's spoken in our native tongue. I also learned that he can speak and understand a word or phrase of our Cebuano dialect. In one of our conversations, he had asked me to “schedule a meeting with the team tomorrow”. Since he will also be attending that meeting, I asked him what time of the day the said meeting should be scheduled. He answered “What suits you?” but it was not audible enough that I thought he said “Alas ocho”.The way we tell time is influenced by Spanish, alas ocho means 8:00--so I thought he meant 8:00 a.m. Acknowledging him, I said, “Ah, alas ocho” and wrote it down. He corrected me at once, telling me that he said he meant that I can decide on whatever time I choose. Oh my, blooper! I was greatly embarrassed but I tried not to show it, so I picked up and smiled, “Alas ocho would be fine”. :)


  1. hahahha. at least you carry it so well. thats one thing i would never forget about you, jo, bisan naay blooper, u have ur way of making it funny and cool lang ang paghandle, hehe. remember im ur number one fan when it comes to cracking jokes. ako jud una katawa, hahaha..miss it na!

  2. hahaha yeah, i remember, you're my "one and only" fan-- everytime i pull a comedy, i'm always assured i'd get a good laugh from you :)

  3. I bet your boss' facial expression was priceless when the blooper was recognized.

    Do you still see him around?

  4. hehehe, nope bchai, i've already found a new job in a new company. :)

  5. hahaha... I can really relate to this because I get to encounter one or more of them in a week. :D

    oh btw, I would like to say thank you to you for placing your ad on my ec widget. ^__^

    have a nice day.

  6. hahahaha that's funny. i had an indian boss for the longest time and even now i have an indian boss. the way they speak in a singsong way is sometimes hard to understand.


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