trying to be back in the saddle

It looks like I haven’t written anything for like three days. Last week, I was caught up with one challenging project in the office that almost all of my energy went into it, and by the time I got home, I was too tired to even think about anything. I tried to be in the writing mode but before I could get my fingers typing, my eyes were already drooping that I had to give in to my sleepiness.

Over the weekend, I felt I wanted nothing more than just curling up in bed with my husband and sleep all the weariness away. This morning, though, I looked up at my notes in the calendar and realized that it's my pre-natal schedule with my ob gyne. So, it's not the 28th, huh? Whatever happened to my sense of time? Fortunately, we still made it to the clinic on time--I was her 18th patient. Well, there wasn't much of an update. Dra. wanted me to continue taking iron-folic and omega-3, and just replaced my vitamin B complex with calcium. I was unaware that I had been eating too much ever since I've had a word with Manang L about the size of my belly as ob gyne noticed that I've put on a lot more weight this month. Last month, I was 115 lbs., now I weighed 122 lbs. Whew! Anyway, she still said that it was still within my allowable weight, thank God. Also, I got to hear the baby's heartbeat again via Doppler and I grew more and more excited about being a mom. I asked Dra. if it's already possible to know the gender of our baby but she said that's it's too early yet. She suggested that I have it checked on my 7th month. Hmmm, all the while I thought I would already know it during my 5th month as I've made some research about it but I guess ob gyne knows best. Anyhow, it wouldn't hurt to wait a couple of months more.

Meantime, I've gotta get used to this sleepiness. It's good for me, anyway. In fact, I shouldn't still be awake at this time--but I'm glad I made it through the end of this post. Tomorrow begins again a week of battling with myself and my work. Deadlines. I needed to be up and running. I have to finish the job before we leave for Thanksgiving. That's right, we're following American holidays in the office.

So that's about it for now. I am signing off.

And it ended abruptly. :) *yawn*


  1. 7th month?!? Wow...that's pretty long. Are you sure you can't bribe the OB with some delicious food or anything to get her to do another scan? :)

    ...and you must be TINY if you only weigh 122. Do NOT ask me what mine was. LMAO.

    Also, just sleep and rest when you feel like it. Pregnancy drains a lot of energy out of you, so take frequent naps when you can. LOTS of naps.

  2. sosyal kaau atong company sah? follow jud sa american holidays, hehee. thats nice pareho diay ta day off this thanksgiving.

  3. hi bchai, nah, can't bribe her. actually the clinic didn't have their own ultrasound. still have to be referred to another clinic/hospital

    hi net, hehe sosyal mulang. apir! :)


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