should i be worried?

Yesterday, when me and my husband were heading home after an eight hours' work, we bumped into Manang L, the owner of a carenderia just beside our office. Everytime we bump into each other, she usually has something friendly to say to me, although I didn't like how she would often mistake or call me "Janet" (she meant "Jenneth", a friend/ex-officemate/ex-lunchmate of mine, who already found a new life with her American husband in Ozark, Arkansas) when we've already known each other for years. Don't get me wrong, though, I don't have anything against my good friend, Jenneth. Maybe I just find it irritating everytime Manang L displays episodes of selective amnesia. Anyhow, I'm willing to forgive Manang L for it as she must've been too stressed preparing all the viands each day, or worse, she must've been affected by a lot of monosodium glutamate intake in her cooking which probably blocked her memory moisture hehehe.

Yesterday was surprisingly her "tactless day". I didn't know what got into her but she got me worried at first with her opening greeting. She looked and me and commented that she's not comfortable with my pregnancy. I was worried. Having heard that from her who has already experienced two pregnancies in her lifetime meant that I'm probably in trouble. I asked her why, please expound. She said my tummy looked too small yet and I didn't look like I am five months' pregnant. She said that I should eat a lot, especially vegetables. Whoaa, I thought to myself, should I be worried? Although her suggestion regarding eating vegetables seemed viable, I don't think her comment regarding the size of my tummy should affect me. For one, she's not my O.B. gyne, and she's not even one. My O.B. gyne takes record of my growing tummy for each visit and I didn't hear any negative feedback from her. Second, I should be the one to know if my pregnancy feels comfortable or not, not her. Third, I can feel that my baby is comfortable inside as he/she moves around and kicks me a lot, many times during the day. So I shoved the conversation off and tagged my husband along and said our goodbyes to her.

Hmmm, what a day! I wonder what she'd say to me next week. What do you think, Janet, er Jenneth? :)


  1. Don't listen to ANYONE's negative comments on your belly. Remember, everyone's different. If your belly is small, it's small. If it's big, it's big. Who cares?

    All that matters is that you have a healthy growing baby inside of you.

    ...I wanna see pics of the belly next time! LOL.

  2. Sometimes I find Manang L talking without "meaning" them, well just to open up a conversation with everyone else she meets. There's nothing to worry at all.

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  4. hahahahaha!!! i didnt know that Manang L often mistakes you as ME. then Janet pa jud, ngek! anyway, wala man na klaro si Manang L jo oi, ignore her opinions. ive noticed that if "first pregnancy" daw gamay jud ang belly. if you hve regular checkups with your OBGyne and she didnt say anything alarming, then dont be worried. tuo man ka anang Manang L oi, heheh magkatawa man ko sa post nimo. bitaw sauna dili man kaau ko mutubay ni Manang L kay wala man sense most of the time, heheh shhhh!!!i hope she could not read this by any chance. patay ta ani! anyway, i miss the eating on lunchtime together, jo!

  5. hi guys, we just got home from an overnight stay/visit with my in-laws in Talisay.

    to bchai: thanks for the advice, i'll probably post some belly pics soon :)

    shanix/jenn: don't you think this post made you miss Manang L? hehehe

  6. hehehe. she's funny, and I agree to shanix's comment that she's just trying to open up a conversation with you.
    regarding with your pregnancy, I guess it's pretty normal. I've seen a lot of women who have small tummies when their pregnant.


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