remembering my high school days

i was looking forward to go home with my husband to my native land San Carlos City, Negros Occidental (trivia: this november also, our humble city just celebrated our annual fiesta) to attend our high school alumni homecoming this coming december 13th. i was told about it months earlier, i thought i could come but i guess i have to put long hours of travel aside now that my tummy is getting bigger. i figured it would be a tiring and unpleasant journey for me since i feel like i have to give in to the call of nature most of the time. besides, we need to be extra careful about spending this time around in preparation for our little one.

i really wish i could come and meet all my friends, teachers, classmates and schoolmates that i haven’t seen for ages. colegio de santa rita, my alma mater, i miss you. and thank you for bringing out the best in me.

there’s nothing i can do but to reminisce about my good old high school days. this picture with my high school buddies really brings back good memories. i hope my friends will forgive me for posting this pic in my blog. don't worry guys, they can't recognize you now with this photo. hopefully. :)



  1. Ah, it would be nice to travel back for your HS reunion! Now that you're expecting, just remember to stay safe and take it easy every time you travel. That includes work and other local places.

    ...also, no HIGH HEELS! LOL...


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