nothing seems to fit? oh no!

Time flies so fast. It's getting more and more obvious. My belly. I realized I almost run out of clothes to wear. It looks like I have outgrown almost everything I have in my closet and nothing seems to fit me anymore. Don't you just hate it when you have to search for anything still wearable at this time? Ah, I told my husband, we're going shopping this week. Just a pair or two every payday. I'm not planning to buy lots of maternity clothes though because I know this pregnancy won't last very long. We would rather save it for baby's future needs.

Here's a sneak peek at my growing belly. Hubby just took a shot of this tonight. Should I let it grow more by eating more? I think there's nothing wrong with my appetite, though. I eat anytime I feel hungry. So, no worries.

Don't I look awful? hehehe.. I guess I'll just have to sleep this off. Goodnight.


  1. u look really cute with the tiny bump showing..... don't fret about your belly size, it'll grow with the baby's pace and yeah OVER EAT, you mustn't! I tried that once in my 2nd month, I was awake for two days, on an empty stomach which still seemed like it had a potato farm filled in it... Enjoy!!

  2. Awwww, how adorable! You look perfectly normal in that t-shirt. Yes, splurge a little on some maternity clothes---your comfort is most important. If you're not comfy, the little one isn't comfy. A few mix n' match pieces are all you need.

    Yup, eat when you're hungry. Drink lots of milk and take those prenatal vitamins! :)

  3. thanks mum maverick and bchai :) i'll take it from the experts like you *wink*

  4. kaangayan sa juntit oi! obvious na jud jo, mommy na jud ka hapit. :)

  5. you still look fine with the bump. at least you are not getting any heavier or getting over-weight.

    there are lots of maternity clothes that are stylish and you can even wear em even if you're not pregnant anymore.
    hope you'll find the right maternity clothes. ^__^

    have a nice day.

  6. wow Jo, I can't wait to see your pics here in the blog wearing your maternity dress.

  7. Van, we have to get her to start using Flickr more often.

    ...come to the darkside with us! (then you'll really see how silly we are with our cameras)


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