no pain, no pain...

i have been sleeping on my left side ever since i learned that it's not good for a pregnant woman to lay flat on her back as it affects the circulation and blood flow to the baby. i am not so comfortable with this recommended position as i'm used to sleeping flat on my back or stomach when i wasn't pregnant but i wouldn't want to do anything to harm my baby so i had to keep this one on my sacrifice list. i say sacrifice because i haven't been getting a full night's sleep with this position. takes a matter of getting used to. i usually get up in the middle of the night with some pain in my right butt and the back of my leg. sometimes i find it difficult to get up because of the pain. i had to do some leg stretching and self-motivation just to be able to get out of bed and relieve me of the pain.

well, i must confess i don't exercise regularly. although i keep myself mobile most of the time, i now realize it's still not enough especially that i'm putting on more weight as my pregnancy advances. my poor and usually unbalanced diet is also one of the culprits of the pain and discomfort i've been feeling lately. so i guess it's not too late to eat healthy, do some safe exercises and long walks. and enjoy this pregnancy. i would definitely do anything right just to keep me and the baby healthy and to keep my husband from worrying about me.

and i guess it helps if i don't complain too much. smile, though my joints are aching hehehe


  1. i don't like to sleep flat on my back jo. dili jud ko katulog ana na position. i like sleeping on my side mao na for a few minutes ra jud mi maka hug matulog ni jeff kay im not comfortable if i wont turn to my side and i dont hug my pillow, hehehe

  2. if my memory serves me right jo, only sleeping on the right side or on your stomach is shall i say illegal during pregnancy but sleeping on your back is just alright.

  3. oh, that backsleeping thing. i just read about it on the net. :) anyhow, i'm getting used to sleeping on my sides now, switching from left to right. i sleep more on my left side though.


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