my grown-up birthday wish

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it's my birthday today but i never felt any older, just wiser (ahem). maybe it’s because i love what i’m seeing in the mirror each day--a bulging stomach, joke. i thought if there’s anything i want granted for my birthday this year, it will not be for myself but for the rest of my family to be happier. i especially wish for my siblings to finally achieve what they want in their lives and for dad to feel that he’s not alone despite being left behind by mom. my birthday was simply celebrated in the privacy of our home. me and my husband shared together the special pancit that he had cooked for me. cheers for a long life of togetherness! pancit is his specialty. it's funny because when he was still single, he's not doing any cooking at their house, but now he's doing a lot more cooking than i do. i believe it's true that the saying also applies to us women: the best way to a woman's heart is through her stomach. hmmm, i guess i'm referring to my pregnancy and my fascination for food. i am more than happy and grateful for the many good things and blessings that came my way, and i'm sure there's more to come. so i could only thank God for everything. i'm also thankful for my family (including my in-laws), officemates and friends who sent their birthday wishes. thanks for remembering. to geeten, marie, my friend, i’d like to thank you for the cute mittens. you’d make a very good ninang someday hahaha *wink*


  1. Happy BIRTHDAY! Wow, it falls on V-day for us too---easy to remember for people who are bad with dates (like me). LOL.

    Ah, I bet the pansit your hubby cooked was delicious.

    ...& you can eat all you want because it's your birthday AND you're pregnant.

    Have a blast & enjoy your birthday!

    (you're only a few months older than me, by the way)

  2. am happy to read your wish. God is good for he filled you with wonderful blessings already - a good husband and the little one coming soon. take care

  3. Happy Birthday Jo!!! Belated lang ang gift iapil nko sa box for my family, :) daghan na kaau ko utang nimo dah, hehe sencya na...anyway im happy that youre happy. i know you and tefen have been looking forward to this baby. take care of yourself!!!

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  5. they say it's a nice feeling to shop for somebody else's baby.. and it's true! hehehe.. pero basin it's much nicer na if it's my baby na jd. waaaa... mao practice sa ko karon while waiting for our angel... hehehe... while you're at it, just let me find joy in picking the color of your angel's wardrobe. (i hope you won't mind me making your baby love green! lol.)

  6. marie, love green is cool!
    guys, bchai, shanix, jenn, thanks too for all the birthday wishes... i feel like celebrating everyday *wink*


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