inside story: my baby update

i have been feeling my baby's strong movements and kicks this week especially when i'm working in the office and sitting for hours. i know it's my baby moving around, it feels different. it's not painful but it should be enough to get me fidgeted, but only for a while. it's really a wonderful feeling everytime i feel the little one moving inside. for now, though, hubby can't still feel the baby kicking. maybe in the next month or so, he should be lucky enough to feel those kicks. the very first time i told him that i felt the baby's movements inside, his face lightened up! i wonder what his facial expression would be when he would be able to feel it for himself.

and if anyone is wondering why i'm awake at this time, it's because i have awakened from my wonderful sleep. this little fella inside is probably doing some sort of a somersault. i've been talking to him/her about going easy on the movements hehehe.

this now brings me back to the topic on the baby's gender. a friend of mine told me that she is 90% sure it will be a boy because of the strong kicks. she said she didn't feel so much kicking with her baby girl. funny but that's her basis hehehe. however, another friend would tell me she is positive that we are getting a baby girl because i didn't have drastic changes on the way i look ever since the start of my pregnancy and that this is how it is for most moms who are having baby girls. some say mothers also dream about their baby's gender. but until we get this ultrasound done in december, we can't get a confirmation on the baby's gender yet. maybe it's fun to have a poll on this.

alright now, the movements have already subsided, baby should already be resting. and my writing is already making me sleepy. *yawn* i'll get back to my precious sleep now.


  1. I'm excited to learn your baby's gender too!

    Don't worry, your husband will be feeling the baby's kick REAL soon. It doesn't take long.

    ...& wait until the little one starts having hiccups inside your belly.

  2. update nya ha if girl ba or boy. :) excited pud ko apil dah.

  3. will let you know guys as soon as we find out.. love the suspense! :)

  4. i know how it feels jo hearing/feeling the little one's moving inside--i bet she's/he's playing hehehehe

  5. hehe playing with my internal parts, joke!!

  6. hi Jo and Cath! it's nice to know you guys are blogmates now..:)..

    Cath meet Joanne she's my buddy/classmates in college..and Jo meet Cathy, she's my pen/net friend for so many many years now imagine since I'm in Leyte..:)

    you guys have lots in common..both good writers too..:)

  7. hi van, thanks for the introduction haha. i find her posts interesting and she writes so well, i've been following her blogs since then.

    hi cath/bchai, we've just been introduced. :)


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