here's what I think about Christmas...

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

Everywhere I go, something always tells me Christmas is definitely just around the corner. People already started to put up Christmas lights and decorations in their homes, Christmas songs are frequently played over the radio, malls are having their own pre-Christmas sale, blogs about Christmas are everywhere, and people are already busy thinking of what to give to their loved ones this Christmas.

I used to look forward to the Christmas holidays until last year came and broke my spirit. It was December 20th of last year that we lost our mom. Everytime I think about it, I feel like asking myself “What’s there to celebrate?” Christmas will always remind me about losing her.

But then I guess I need to look deeper into the real essence of Christmas. That it’s not just about merry-making, get-togethers and family reunions. Come to think of it, we are celebrating our Savior’s birthday. This is not our day. It is His. Since it is His, there’s so much to celebrate about it.

I guess I deserve a whipping each time my human nature strikes again. My mom would definitely not like it if I continue to feel sad about losing her.

From hereon, I will begin to look forward to Christmas thanking the Lord for the years we spent with mom, for all the blessings, happy times spent with our loved ones, for the trials that made us stronger, and for giving Himself to us as a gift.

And so this is Christmas…

Merry Christmas Mom, we miss you!


  1. ...And there's also something else to look forward to this Christmas:

    You and your husband will be sharing it with a special little someone inside your belly. (They can hear all the festive songs too)

    Also, around the same time next year, you, your husband, and your baby will be celebrating his / her first Christmas.

    By the way, that's a lovely picture.

  2. it reminds of me of my late mother too now that Christmas is coming so soon. it's hard to forget you're love ones and not just her but my whole family as i am now thousands of KMs away. life goes on...

  3. :(.. Joanne's Mom cooked yummy fried rice for us when we're doing our thesis in SCMC.

  4. thank you guys.. i felt like i've been away too long.. i missed your comments :)


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