care for some protection?

I just got a call today from my elder brother who works in Abu Dhabi. It was so sweet of him to ask how I am doing with my pregnancy and all that. I told him I'm okay and that I'm already in my 5th month. He had strict reminders: Take care of the baby. Cover your belly with black cloth when you go to sleep. Now the black cloth was something new to me. So I asked, What's with the black cloth, bro? He said it's for protection or covering against negative elements around, like aswang. And that's not all, he also added that I should have with me garlic and ginger in the bedroom, still for protection purposes, because they help drive the negative elements away. Now that wasn't the first time that I've heard about the garlic and ginger stuff because I've seen it already in the movies and I know of some superstitious preggies who are really doing this. My brother's pointers had me paranoid a little bit. After the call ended, I asked my husband not to sleep ahead of me hehe but then he dozed off just now. Whew!

I felt like God was telling me from somewhere "What little faith you have!" Now I'm thinking. I realized that there is nothing to fear. God is with us all the time. There's no better protection but prayers, prayers that are sincerely said. It's our faith in Him that's going to keep us stronger. Eventually, the good will always win over the bad. Amen.

Dear brother, if you should call me again, let's talk about positive things :)


  1. hehehe, superstitious beliefs will remain forever in our land. when i was pregnant with blanche, my sisters and neighbors told me the same. i just ignored them and told them "panahon pa na ni mampor" and it's only in theaters. hehehehe himoot sila nako

  2., the black cloth thing is new to me. My mom and mother-in-law gave me funny and weird advice, but I've never heard of the cloth covering the belly.

    ...tell your brother it's already HARD enough sleeping on your side. Try keeping a cloth on it!

    It's nice to have your kuya call from abroad to see how you're doing though. :)

  3. have you heard the one about the eclipse? Just google eclipse and pregnancy in one search box... you'll know what I'm talking about.


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