are you prepared to die?

are you prepared to die? this was asked by the priest during his homily today. this is not the first time that we've heard this question but almost always, this will get us to think and reflect on the way we have lived our lives. have we lived it in a way that is pleasing to God? if we know we would be facing death today, are we really prepared for it?

i've been pondering on this question. i wasn't prepared to accept that mom would be leaving us last year. even when her body was no longer responding to the medicines, even when the doctor told us that the surgery can no longer be done, i was still holding on to the possibility that she will be able to make it. i wasn't prepared for her death then because everything came so fast. eventually, i had to deal with the fact that she's returned to our Creator. more than she is my mom, and dad's wife, she is God's daughter, too.

we will never know how and when we are going to die. but we will all have our time. i guess that should be enough to remind us that everything in this life is temporary. that we should embrace death as a gift from God. death is not the end. it is the beginning. our chance to finally be in communion with God.

am i prepared to die? i've tried to direct this question to myself. it's a bit scary but i thought a lot about it. especially now that i'm pregnant. they say when you're pregnant, your one foot is placed forward, six feet below the ground. well, anything can happen to us between now and tomorrow, awake or asleep. so i'd say, "Lord, your will be done!"

happy all souls day. :)


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