is it the thought that counts? or the tears that fell?

what else is new? i cried again today. i don't know if i can always blame it to hormones and pregnancy stuff but i've been emotionally unstable lately. my emotions are sometimes uncontrollable. when we got home from work, there was one birthday card waiting for him, with a free fastfood meal ticket as a birthday treat. it's from the telecommunications company. call it pathetic but i really felt so bad that i broke into tears because i didn't get anything for my husband's birthday, not even a simple birthday card, like the one he just received.

i've been meaning to get him something for his birthday but since we always go out and go to work together, i didn't have the chance to sneak around and play the thoughtful wife. i had my chance yesterday morning when we had to file for a leave. we had to go separate directions to save some time--he went out to renew his driver's license while i had to visit my ob gyne for my vitamins. unfortunately, ob gyne didn't show up on time, so i wasted the rest of my time waiting for dra. prima donna (you'll have to excuse me for this name-calling) to arrive. and then after that, it was already time to head back to the office.

anyhow, i guess it's the thought that counts. and the tears that fell. husband knows wife loves him so much. i am dedicating this space to my better half, stephen. here are words for your birthday....

my life partner
my best friend
my soulmate
my husband
thank you
for being the man
i can always lean upon
thank you
for loving me
and letting me be
who i am
thank you for the many ways
you've shown your love and respect
thank you for being honest with me
even from the very start
thank you for the ears that always listen
thank you for the hands that never let me slip
thank you for your heart that cares
thank you for this baby in my womb
i love you...
everything about you...
happy birthday, pangga!


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  2. hehehe Joanne, don't felt bad..kaw jud!'re not alone! naka xperience na pud ko ana wa ko xmas card for my husband, then sya naa sya xmas card para nako. Am thinking pwede ra man siguro nato isulat ato msg sa ila in any papers, the only difference from the card sa store is the style & the price (hahaha) but thoughts are the same, right?. For sure they will understand sa ka-bz nato wa ta kalugar adto sa mall.

  3. thanks van.. i guess im just going too sentimental.. i feel better now :)

  4. im sure tefen will understand. kadto pa, hehe. very nice poem u made for him jo. simple pero heartfelt. take care! happy birthday Tef!!! belated diay..:)


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