Road to Motherhood

This is my first pregnancy. At 31. Hopefully, I will be 32 when the baby comes out. It's only been less than a year since hubby and I got married but we're already praying for it. Yes, age has something to do with it, the decision not to put off pregnancy. We wanted to make sure we can have at least one baby before it gets too late.

I'm not what you may call an expert in this field. Neither is hubby. But luckily, after having been disappointed a lot of times, I got a positive result on my home pregnancy test! The next day after, I tried to test again just to make sure I get the same positive result. Voila, hubby and I couldn't contain our happiness.

I guess I will be writing more about my pregnancy every so often. My moods, experiences, interests and probably a lot more. I hope to be able to update this blog regularly so I would forever remember what it's like to be pregnant for the first time. To anyone who might be interested in following this blog, thank you for your time. Feel free to share your inputs with me as I journey on the road to motherhood. :)


  1. congratulations jo. i thought tefen was just joking when he mentioned that to me one time when we chat. wow im so happy for u. did u already know if its a girl or boy?

  2. hi net, thanks, yeah he was telling the truth hehe.. ingon tefen, dili na ba diay daw sha katuohan? it's too early to tell yet.. maybe on the 5th or 6th month.. :)


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